This is some of the items that will be included in this wiki. I'm sure the categorization will change over time since there many ways to interpret the experiences that people have

Meditation Edit

Meditation with an an object
-by concentrating on a real object
-concentration on a visual object
-concentration on a sound
-by concentrating on an imaginary object
-imaginary sound

Meditation without object

in a formal setting (zazen)

-in an informal setting (while working, etc.)

-in a semi-formal setting (while walking, tea ceremony, etc.)


-dream remembering
-Jung active imagination (remembering a dream and interacting with it)
- lucid dreaming
-common daydreaming
-daydreaming about a "sacred" activity (alchemy ??)
-creative visualization as a form of dreaming

Spiritual communication / artEdit

automatic writing
automatic drawing
automatic speech ("channelling ?)


Martial arts
Hatha yoga
Breath practices
Dancing, swaying, whirling, drumming
tantric or erotic practices
temperature control (tibetan tummo)

== Modern psytech==

hypnosis and self hypnosis
isolation tanks
dream machine
binaural beats
Neurofeedback, BCIs
Virtual worlds
augmented reality devices


prayer (submission to the god)
magical invocation (authority toward the god)
ritual identification (indian pujas, hermetic "assumption of god form")
identification as a mystical experience ("being one with god")
possession and multiplicity of personalities
"imaginary friends"
Mythology creation, "future" gods use of pop culture or sci fi
direct revelation ['god spoke in my mind'] systems and language

artificial, "sacred" language
complex systems of symbols (Kabbalah, Tantra, Yijing, Ramon Lull and Giordano Bruno's memory wheels, etc.)

Ritual (almost a combination of everything above)Edit

Role of ritual.
Unconscious or non-formal ritual.
Relation of ritual to systems.
Rituals which "means" nothing explicitly (tea ceremony).
Non religious actions as rituals (martial arts, Pythagorean mathematics, renaissance cryptography)
Games as ritual (sacred aspect of ancient games, future games incorporating new forms of ritual or any "religious" or "spiritual" activity : Dagaz, etc.)
Rituals in virtual worlds

Note: linitiial contents were from the list posted to HieroHacking email list by Remi Sussan on 11/5/2010