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the goal of this group will be to discuss applied neurotheology, see how we can "hack the sacred", use intelligently and rationally religious thinking and practices for personal purposes; discussion will be of course about various ASC (altered states of consciousness), technologies, BCI, etc. But also about the creation of symbolic architectures and mythologies. Our hypothesis is that "the sacred" finds itself at the convergence of at least three psychological characteristics: ASCs being perhaps the least important or the more discreet (discovering their role may be an interesting task for this group) , the second being imagination, and the third being specific manipulation of some kind of linguistic abilities, such as use of semantics networks of associations, maybe even some specific kind of epistemology or logic.

Kinds of things that may emerge from discussions:

- good analysis of self experiments with various practices.

- theoretical models of mythology creation; analysis of traditional religion but from a practical point of view. works on epistemology of religion;

- various works on BCI or physiological sensors for testing experiences, or obtain results: works with Neurosky or EPOC helmets, openEEG, etc. computer code is highly welcomed;

- new and original forms of ritual or meditative practices, implying for instance virtual worlds, etc

This list is not about creating future religion or to discuss the future of spirituality; although it may help those who are pursuing these goals. It's really about creating a team of "technicians of the sacred", to use Mircea Eliade's expression.

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